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Art at CQT

CQT sometimes hosts artists working on science-inspired projects. Our collaborations with artists – broadly defined to include artists, film-makers, and writers producing original work – supports public engagement with CQT's science and the scientific process in novel ways. Bridging "The Two Cultures" can also be enriching for our researchers.

These are some projects we have collaborated in to date:

NUS Arts Festival

Quantum inspiration for the NUS Arts Festival

CQT is a creative partner of the NUS Arts Festival 2016: WONDER, presented by NUS Centre For the Arts. The festival runs 11–16 March, offering dance, drama and music with a dash of quantum physics. Events include a new work of Indian dance inspired by entanglement and a talk and book launch by Scientific American contributing editor George Musser.

Eleanor Wong

Writer's residency culminates in performance of musical theatre

Eleanor Wong, a Singaporean playwright and poet, was awarded CQT's Quantum Immersion Writer's Residency in 2014. Read about how she was inspired to write poetry as well as creating muscial theatre scenes drawing on quantum concepts, staged in a rehearsed reading in 2015.

Otto Fong

Cartoonist draws quantum-themed comic book for kids

A former science teacher turned comic-book artist, Otto Fong was appointed CQT Outreach Fellow in 2014 to pursue his idea of a quantum-themed comic. He has retold the famous Chinese story of the Monkey King causing uproar in heaven with a quantum twist. Sir Fong's Adventures in Science: The Quantum Bunny is aimed at readers aged 9 and up. Learn more here.

Six Quantum Pieces

Timensions installation by CQT's inaugural artists-in-residence

Linda Sim Solay and Dario Lombardi were CQT's inaugural artists-in-residence. In 2011, they built a prototype at CQT of a physics-inpsired installation called "Timensions" they had been developing. Timensions was selected for the Wiener Wunderkammer 2014 at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria.

Reality Lost

A documentary exploring what quantum theory tells us about reality

Who are the scientists trying to unravel quantum puzzles? What practical things can we do with quantum theory? Can we dance it? Watch clips from the documentary made by journalist and film-maker Karol Jalochowski, who spent a year at CQT as an Outreach Fellow. He interviewed local and visiting scientists in surprising settings, from the jungle to rooftops. The documentary was completed in 2013.

Cabinet of Curiosities

What goes in a quantum Cabinet of Curiosities?

CQT hosted artist Grit Ruhland from Germany in 2012 through the NUS IDMI 2012 Art/Science Residency programme. She established a board of artists and scientists to curate and create items for a quantum Cabinet of Curiosities.