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CQT Outreach

What do we do at CQT? In these sections, you can find information for industry about the ways we can collaborate, for the public to explore our science and meet our scientists, for schools about our offerings for students, and for media reporting stories. You can also read about CQT's art-science collaborations.

CQT researchers are working out how the universe is built and how technologies can harness quantum physics to impact our lives. Questions we study range from "Why is nature uncertain?" to "What problems can we solve with a quantum computer?" Research in quantum physics has vastly improved our ability to understand and control the behaviour of the fundamental particles of nature. By providing a precise model of fundamental phenomena, the field has already contributed to marvels of modern technology such as the laser. A second revolution in quantum devices – ones that harness quantum phenomena such as superposition and entanglement – is ongoing.

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CQT's outreach programme exists to engage the public, media and stakeholders in conversation about our research and its implications. It's run by outreach staff, a committee of Principal Investigators and researcher volunteers. CQT outreach staff also produce the Centre's annual report, leaflets and news content for the website. If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at public@quantumlah.org

Here are some projects to explore:

Quantum Shorts

Quantum Shorts competitions for films and fiction

Our annual contest encourages people to investigate quantum theory for themselves. We alternate between annual calls for short films and flash fiction inspired by quantum physics. Visit the current site at shorts.quantumlah.org

Otto Fong

Cartoonist draws quantum-themed comic book for kids

A former science teacher turned comic-book artist, Otto Fong was appointed CQT Outreach Fellow in 2014 to pursue his idea of a quantum-themed comic. He has retold the famous Chinese story of the Monkey King causing uproar in heaven with a quantum twist. Sir Fong's Adventures in Science: The Quantum Bunny is aimed at readers aged 9 and up. Learn more here.

Six Quantum Pieces

A textbook that introduces quantum physics using no more than high-school mathematics

Six Quantum Pieces introduces key concepts from modern research such as teleportation and quantum cryptography. The book was coauthored by CQT PI Valerio Scarani with two high-school students. Order a copy here.